In an effort to further assist Nova Scotia companies adjusting to the impacts of COVID-19, Nova Scotia’s Regional Enterprise Networks have collaboratively partnered to expand their business support services by introducing a new Virtual Adviser Program.

Powered by On-Demand Talent Platform BoomersPlus, this free program will match qualified companies with a seasoned Virtual Adviser to help their business manage and recover from COVID-19. Virtual Advisers are experienced professionals from across Canada representing a full range of disciplines, industries and environments, willing to share their lessons learned.

Businesses can apply through their appropriate Regional Enterprise Network (click here for contact information). Applications will be reviewed by REN staff. If accepted, businesses will be matched with a Virtual Adviser from a network of thousands of professionals based on the business need or challenge. On a mutually agreed schedule, the businesses will meet virtually with their business adviser to discuss the challenges and find potential solutions.

“The Virtual Adviser Program is a natural evolution of our mandate – to help organizations and communities leverage the wisdom and experience of seasoned professionals. We are excited to partner with the Nova Scotia RENs to help small businesses struggling through the challenging economic environment created by the COVID-19 crisis,” said Kevin MacIntyre, VP, Marketing, BoomersPlus.

Participants will have access to four to six calls over a two to three month period, with the potential for an extension. To participate, businesses must be located in a region represented by a REN and able to complete four to six phone calls with an adviser along with any follow-up work necessary for the duration of the program.

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Media Contact:
Megan Tonet
Cape Breton Partnership