All RENs share the same mandate:

To guide and navigate regional economic development while providing support to businesses; operate as a connector among economic development partners; support business growth and retention; and provide regional leadership on economic priorities.

Collaborating for success, partnering for progress.
RENs Conference 2017


In Nova Scotia, Regional Enterprise Networks (RENs) are leading a collaborative approach to economic development and supporting business growth outside the capital city (Halifax Regional Municipality).


By working across municipal boundaries, local governments and the business community can pursue shared goals, tackle common challenges, combine resources and create more sustainable regions.


By concentrating on business retention, expansion and investment, and creating better conditions for business operations, RENs can support sustainable economic growth in regions across Nova Scotia.


By building strong partnerships in local government and with business, academia, citizens and other levels of government, regions can experience transformative change on a local scale.

RENs are business-led and business-facing organizations

The REN model was launched in Nova Scotia in 2013 and the first RENs were established in 2014.

Each REN is a partnership between municipalities, First Nations (in some cases), and the Province of Nova Scotia. The regional partners form an inter-municipal services corporation (under Nova Scotia’s Municipal Government Act) and their funding contributions are matched by the Province.

Each REN is governed by a board of directors, which represents the regional business community and develops the strategic plan. A local Liaison and Oversight Committee, representing all the funding partners, approves the strategic plan and oversees the board.